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“ARPZ is a private company with a very long tradition...“


Our roots lie in the traditional trading houses founded in Hamburg by August Ristelhueber in 1872 and Curt Winter in 1920. Based on the tradition and values of our founder we believe that our care, trustworthiness and skills are easily recognizable long before you entrust your products to us. This is because we take one particular aspect of work extremely seriously: one-to-one discussion. This creates the basis for a long-term, trusting relationship and highlights the differences between a simple sales pitch and true consultancy. From a position of absolute independence – our capital is exclusively in the hands of private individuals –, we do our best to understand your unique situation, your concerns and objectives as clearly as possible in order to come up with an appropriate, customized, turnkey solution.


Our perspective of trading and agency can only be found among private entrepreneurs who are independent to external corporate pressures and influences. As responsible partners, we vouch for what we do with our very name. No matter which new challenges the modern-day trading and financial world may bring, nothing will change our traditional commitment to quality and care.

How did ARPZ adapt to the challenges of today?

The focus of ARPZ today has shifted from the paper industry; even we keep a strong dedication to the pulp and paper industry with a number of specialty products, to the steel-, transport fuels- and carbon fibre industry. In this new role we introduced successfully new suppliers with new products like DIPROINDUCA for innovative new raw materials to the steel and paint industries.

Another important approach is the recycling of carbon fibres for the use in plastic compounds and carbon fibre reinforced composites. Other than with virgin carbon fibres the carbon foot print for recycled fibres is very small. All of these have proven real and had been developed on existing new demands rather than expected scenarios or advice from consultants.


What is the future and our role as trading company in this globalized world?

One symptom of a globalized world is the direct contact between producers and consumers which simply do not require intermediates due to improved telecommunication, travel logistics and last not least the before mentioned information technologies like the internet. Fact is that this development leaves millions of independent intermediaries worldwide left in the middle without perspectives.

For us this meant also to investigate, where we could fit and offer this famous "value adding" to our partners:

Except adding financial services of trade and global financial partnerships, which became an important part of our business, we realized also that the globalization has caused a severe loss of values and a massive increase of daily contacts and approaches to our clients but suppliers also. At the same time the resources of professional manpower became limited to most of them due to financial constraints and reduced profit margins for almost every business. In other words, the binding link of trust and reliability became a rare commodity today. In today's market loyalty has become an archaic value. We subscribe to this value still today which became the basis of our success.

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