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Sustainable climate change with climate rescue within a few years and simultaneous low-cost energy transition based on existing combustion engine technology?

Nachhaltiger Klimawandel mit Klimarettung innerhalb
weniger Jahre und gleichzeitige kostengünstige
Energiewende auf der Basis von bestehender Verbrenner-Technik?

ARPZ has signed an exclusive agreement with PCS biofuels to produce and supply CO2-neutral PCI (pressurized coal injection) for the steel industry in Europe. PCS is a leading technology company based in Vancouver B.C. focused on the utilization of new valuable industrial materials from waste materials. The motto of PCS Biofuels is „Converting waste problems into green energy solutions”.


The price of iron ore has been relatively stable for months, fluctuating between USD 80 and USD 95.
As long as it does not leave the lower line downwards, there is no reason for fundamentally declining prices.

Chart Analysis - Market Data for Raw Materials and Steel

We evaluate the price development for the steel and raw material markets based on selected charts on a monthly basis. This is similar to the procedures used by chart analysers for the evaluation of the stock exchange markets. Advantages of such chart analyses are: The chart value / development of the chart contains all positive and negative information. Furthermore it shows the expectations of the participants in this market for the future.

Chart Analysis


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