"The values which served us for generations are the same for the years to come."


Ristosorb® is an innovative all-rounder that absorbs oils, chemicals, paint, varnish and acids.


  • Made from 100% organic and ecological materials
  • 100% environmentally friendly, natural, safe and non-poisonous/toxic
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere - even at ground level on a windy day
  • Easy to use - no special equipment or training required
  • Water-resistant (hydrophobic) - can therefore be used on wet ground / in rain, making it highly superior to traditional oil absorbers
  • Even small amounts of Ristosorb® can be used to absorb huge quantities of oil, chemicals, paint and acids, therefore making it a very economical product

  • It floats - therefore opening up widespread possibilities for use both on water and land - a multi-purpose product
  • Very quick reaction within 1-2 seconds meaning a significant reduction of possible dangers to a minimum amount of time
  • Simply sweep up using a brush or a sweeping machine / or lift out of the water using a filter

  • Ristosorb® does not release the absorbed liquid
  • Ristosorb® holds on to the absorbed medium so efficiently that the cleaning equipment also stays clean - even very oily tools can be cleaned in seconds
  • Ristosorb® suppresses odours and reduces the risks posed by flammable liquids almost completely

  • No disposal problems - Can be burned with almost no residue remaining (heating value 20,000 kJ/kg)
  • When combined with hydrocarbons (oil) this value can be greatly exceeded
    • Disposal procedure is not additionally harmful to the environment
    • Unbeatable disposal costs due to its light weight formula
    • Ristosorb® absorbs oils (hydrocarbons) even after they have seeped into the ground
    • Ristosorb® is a natural product and can therefore be disposed of at the waste disposal site like household waste along with all other non-hazardous materials.*This depends on the form of the contaminated material, local regulations must be adhered to

  • Its significantly light weight absorption capacity (density approx. 120 g per litre) means:
    • It is easy to stor
    • Little storage space is required
    • Low disposal costs
    • Comfortable to use

  • Unlimited shelf-life
  • One bag of Ristosorb® contains 50 litres, has a weight of approximately 7 kg and can absorb up to 30 litres of fluid, depending on requirements
  • Ristosorb® has been approved for Type I, Type II, Type III R (water, ground, trade, industry, traffic area)

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