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Chart Analysis

Market Data for Raw Materials and Steel

We evaluate the price development for the steel and raw material markets based on selected charts on a monthly basis. This is similar to the procedures used by chart analysers for the evaluation of the stock exchange markets. Advantages of such chart analyses are: The chart value / development of the chart contains all positive and negative information. Furthermore it shows the expectations of the participants in this market for the future.

April 2020

This terrible event keeps the world in suspense, nobody can make reliable statements about the
further course.
What is the current economic situation for industries and companies?
If you take a look at the last chart letter, you will see the chart of the DOW JONES Index, which we
have inserted and which shows the 30 largest companies in the USA. We had included a possible
setback scenario up to 22,000 points.

Special Issue EUR / USD

Increased inquiries to us for chart technical evaluation of the Euro against the USD cause us to
issue a special edition. For a professional assessment of the longer-term and short-term charts, we
have consulted a trader friend of ours at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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