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Cellulosic Materials

    • Dissolving wood pulps - we work for leading manufacturers like NEUCELL
    • Bleached bamboo pulps - bamboo pulps (bleached and unbleached) are the long fibres of non-wood fibres
    • Bleached bagasse pulps - bleached bagasse pulp is a unique short fibre made from non-wood and does not require beating to develop strength in paper applications. We work for our supplier EPPCO from Thailand
    • Bleached straw pulps - are available from our suppliers in China and are mainly used for non-paper food applications
    • Cellulose derivates - are derived from grinding cellulose in grinding mills such as www.herbold.com
    • All kind of exotic non‐wood pulps - such as Ramie, Cotton Linters, Esparto, Mulberry
    • Kenaf fibres - are short cut natural fibres delivered in bales

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